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The Best Multitools for Cycle Touring

For cycle-touring good-quality lightweight tools are essential. Some people prefer stand-alone tools. However, a good multitool keeps all the tools together in a very compact form and many modern ones can weigh little.

If you know what tools you need for your bike you can find suitable multitools using our search facility. There are absolutely loads of bike multitools, many of them very similar in style, price and quality. Below is a selection of some of the best and most interesting multitools for cycle touring.

Park Tool MTB-3.2

Not the lightest multitool at 262g this is still a brilliant bit of kit with just about every tool you could want. It includes tyre levers, screwdrivers, star-driver, spoke tool, chain tool, saw, and a brillian range of hex keys and wrenches - even a 15mm one. It's ideal for long tours when saving weight is less important than keeping the bike on the road.

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Topeak Alien II

This has even more tools than the Park Tool MTB-3 but that means it is even heavier. The Alien II weighs just under 300g. But if going on a long distance tour a wide range of bike problems can pop up so you'll want plenty of tools to cope.

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Topeak Alien III

A step up from the Alien II this has even more tools and is slightly lighter but is also more expensive.

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Crank Brothers Y 15

This has an unusual triangular shape allowing a Y-shaped hex tool, which should give a bit more leverage than other multitools. At 224g it's not the lightest but includes a chain tool and a puncture repair kit as well as torx, hex and screwdrivers, chain tool in an unusual triangular shaped design.

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Victorinox Biketool

A neat and compact set. Unlike most bike multitools it uses interchangeble bits with a handle rather than locking everything together. This keeps the weight down while giving decent leverage. It also includes tyre levers. However, unlike some tools here it doesn't include a chain tool or spoke tool. It's still a lovely bit of kit though and the quality of Victorinox products is extremely high.

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Leatherman Squirt PS4

This isn't actually a bike multitool but is great as a pocket knife and emergency set of pliers. It only weighs about 60g but the pliers are quite solid and the screwdrivers excellent for adjusting deraillers. An advantage of using this over the larger multitools with pliers is that the blade is very small and non-locking, so you shouldn't have issues of legality in countries where carrying a locking blade is illegal. In addition it is far lighter and more compact. The file is also very handy. The wire-cutters aren't heavy-duty enough for cutting gear or brake cables unfortunately but otherwise this is a very solid multitool considering how light it is.

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Leatherman Wave

A popular and extremely versatile multitool with pliers and bit set. The Wave isn't designed for cycle touring but has many tools a cycle-tourer is likely to need as well as a large blade and other tools for camping and general use. It's a bit more expensive than most multitools aimed at cyclies but Leatherman quality is outstanding so it should last a very long time. It may be illegal to carry the locking blade in some countries though.

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Topeak Hexus II

This has a chain tool, tyre levers and is long enough to have decent leverage yet weighs only 167g.

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Topeak Alien XS

If you don't need a chain tool this has a great range of tools inluding a blade and wrenches, and at 170g isn't too heavy.

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Lezyne SV 11

At just over 100g this is a very light multitool but has most of the tools most cycle tourers will need including a chain tool. The tools may be a little short for some though

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Lezyne Carbon 10

If you want a multitool that includes a chain tool but weighs only 80g this fits the bill. To get the weight down the tools are quite short but that may be a price worth paying if you're serious about low weight.

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Park Tool MTB 7

Another multitool with wrenches and a blade but no chain tool. It also has tyre levers

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Crank Brothers Y 16

The same as the Y 15 but includes a CO2 nozzle. If you prefer to use CO2 dispensers rather than an air pump this is a good choice.

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Crank Brothers Pica

Reasonably lightweight with most tools a cycle tourist is likely to need including a chain tool.

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Lezyne V 5

At only 50g this is one of the lightest bike multitools. It has the bare minimum of tools but may be enough for weight watchers.

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Lezyne Carbon 5

If 50g is still too heavy Lezyne do a carbon version that weighs only 44g

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Lezyne STL 12

Compact and lightweight but with a good range of tools including spoke wrench and chain tool.

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Crank Brothers M 19

A solid multitool with a good range of tools including chain tool.

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Park Tool MT 10

A minimalist tool for lightweight touring. This just has the basics but that may be enough for many cycle tourers.

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Topeak Tool Monster

A less conventional design but a good range of tools at reasonably low weight.

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What Tools Do You Need for Cycle Touring?

You need to check your bike to see what tools are needed. Even a screwdriver may not be necessary on some bikes. Others may need additional tools. These are some of the most commonly used tools. That doesn't mean you need all of them though.

  • hex keys
  • screwdrivers (cross and flat head)
  • star tool
  • chain tool
  • spoke tool
  • tyre levers
  • wrenches or adjustable wrench
  • file
  • small blade
  • pliers

If camping you will probably want a multitool with additional functions so a butterfly style multitool or swiss army knife may be more suitable - some of these have tools suitable for cycle touring. Bear in mind though that in many countries it is illegal to carry a locking blade so most of the larger butterfly-style multitools will not be suitable in those countries. These multitools also tend to be very solid and heavy. If you need solid pliers this may not be a major problem but most cycle tourers manage without them.

If you know what tools you need for your bike you can find suitable multitools using our search facility. Simply select the tools you need and search for suitable multitools.

The spoke tools on most multitools are really for emergency use only. Hopefuly that's all you'll ever need it for but a dedicated spoke tool is so light it may be worth carrying one for long distance cycling.

A cassette removal tool is also useful but too heavy for most multitools. The NBT (next best thing) can be used instead.

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